Procuring gas and electricity at competitive rates as well as gaining a high level of service need no longer be a time-consuming headache. I E Energy Partnership has the solution.


We are an established UK energy consultancy providing a comprehensive service
(at no cost to the client)


Our services include: to all types of commercial organisations.

* procuring electricity and gas at competitive prices
* bill validation and account reconciliation
* validation of VAT and Climate Change Levy (CCL)
* tariff analyses and budget forecasts
* resolving contractual disputes
* automatic meter reading (AMR) and energy management software
* advice on energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy
* a dedicated account manager


I E Energy Partnership monitors the electricity and gas wholesale and retail markets, constantly reviewing all tariff options.


We at I E Energy Partnership are well versed and acquainted with the workings of individual suppliers. Our priority is to ensure good customer service combined with competitive pricing.