About us

Our approach is very direct and delivers great results.


It's All About Price


I E Energy Partnership are specialist business broker consultants; We stick to what we've always done best, which is sourcing the most competitive agreements for our clients.



Because of the volume of agreements we negotiate with suppliers the prices we are offered will always be cheaper than direct renewal prices. Our service is proven to be quick, efficient and easy to use but, most importantly, it is free of charge and without obligation to take the advice offered.



We earn a small fee from suppliers for introducing new customers or negotiating improved renewal offers from existing suppliers. This never gets in our way of our impartiality as we are legally bound to always work for our clients best interests and needs.



Our highly experienced team will devise, implement, manage and deliver customised solutions that are just right for your business.



We are available to help with any of your queries Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.